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With Rapise you can test all kinds of apps regardless of the platform and technology they are running in. Its fully automated testing processes are suitable for web, desktop, and mobile testing, and transforms all user actions into convenient test scripts. All activities are conveniently recorded for further playback and validation, and the tests can be played back in either manual or automated mode.

In order to make sure that the test covers all possibilities and the app reacts to specific actions just the way it was intended to, you can add as many verification points as needed along the test. You can choose an object, view its properties, select one or various items, and verify them with the parameters of your choice during the testing process.

Rapise offers you two testing methods – the traditional approach of recording and playback, and a faster and more efficient one, the Learn and Go method. The program will “learn” everything that needs to learn about each object being tested, regardless of its type and technology, and will save all data in its object repository for you to access it any time you need. The advantage of this testing method lies not only in its higher processing speed and simplicity, but also in the fact that it is technology-agnostic (Web, Flex, Java...).

The program’s test playback engine relies on the comprehensive scripts it generates. The playback process is clever enough to wait for the app to respond when necessary and to repeat an action as many times as needed until the program is ready to respond. These parameters can be easily tailored by the user so that it fits the program’s requirements. It is capable of launching any application if needed or to connect to an app that’s already active, and it can use APIs to play back scripts via command-line, or from a server or a test management system. Rapise’s compatibility with SpiraTest allows you to store and execute your scripts from a SpiraTest test management system thanks to the RapiseLauncher add-on provided.

Last, but not least, Rapise’s reporting system. The program generates flexible and detailed reports of all the steps in the tests, the values used, and the results. Whether a step passed or failed, you are informed at all times of the status, the number of iterations and their marks, and comments about each step. If any verification points were added to the process, these will also be reflected in the final report. These reports are easily exported to Excel, PDF, or XML for your convenience.

Rapise is, therefore, the only tool you will need to perform thorough testing of all your developments regardless of the platforms and the technologies used. Its high level of flexibility and usability make this tool a serious option to consider when looking for a fully professional automated testing manager. The price tag is not negligible, but the extensive functionality it provides is worth every cent.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy-to-use test environment
  • Suitable for web, desktop, and mobile testing
  • Comprehensive object manager
  • Fully automated testing process
  • Works seamlessly with SpiraTest


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